A Columbus, Ohio native who studied at Columbus College of Art & Design, Dane Khy has been a full-time freelance artists since 2018. His minimalist approach through line drawings and paintings has landed him projects with Apple, The Guardian, Peet's Coffee, Northstar Café, Chevy, and Purina.

In 2021, Dane expanded his body of work into creating more traditional paintings using bold colors and realism, which he hopes to explore further in 2022. This has allowed him to feature his work in past exhibitions at ROY G BIV gallery, 400 Square, and as murals for Hilton Hotel, PlayAllDay Doggie Daycare, and Scrawl 15 Festival.

"During the beginning of lockdown (2020) I began painting with oils and acrylics. Over time, it became something I enjoyed doing without the pressure of a deadline. Two years later, I've accumulated an absurd amount of receipts for painting supplies, a lighter wallet, but a fuller heart."

"I approach my paintings with a mix of surrealism and semi-realism wrapped up in vibrant colors."

"Two subjects that will continue to inspire my work: my family's history and human  relationship with animals."

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